All SpaceBrews start with an idea. Whether that be an ingredient or a vision of an event somewhere in the cosmos, many more ideas eventually join it to create a recipe. While all of these ideas already existed in the universe, we take the responsibility of organizing and bringing them to you in a way to excite your taste buds; while these ideas may have originated off this world, we understand that to realistically be able to provide these to people, we need to also make the best use of the space we are given. Keeping this in mind, most of our recipes use locally produced ingredients to bring out the best in what’s around us and ensure we can sustainably bring you the best beer available.

Extra Terrestri-Ale

All brews created on earth could be considered terrestri-ale’s, but the last kind of SpaceBrew we need is a standard terrestri-ale. This brew has earned the ‘extra’ in its title through generous hop additions and the inclusion of another ‘tip of your tongue’ ingredient that may leave your mouth with a hauntingly recognizable flavor ;)

Nova IPA

The sensation one gets from an IPA may vary, but is one of the most recognizable by both enthusiasts and casual participants. To honor this big flavor experience, and our love for it, SpaceBrews blasts off its Stellar Series of IPAs with what started it all, The Nova IPA. With a focus on hop flavor and aroma, this experience will leave you floating amongst the stars.

White Dwarf IPA

White dwarfs are thought to be the final evolutionary state of all stars not massive enough to become a neutron star or meet destruction through supernova. A hazy, white color and one of the densest materials know to man in the cosmos; the light hazy appearance and fuller, creamy body that the wheat contributes to this member of our Celestial Star Series of SpaceBrews IPAs earned it the title of the White Dwarf.

Supernova IPA

A stellar explosion of hop flavor and bitterness in your mouth! How do we make a Nova into a Supernova? We ramp up the bittering and aroma hops on this member of our Stellar Series of SpaceBrews IPAs to capture that extra sensation. It was a necessary move to make sure that after you take a sip, the explosion in your mouth can only be reasonably compared to the life-ending explosion of a star.

Pilsner Eclipse

Pilsners are maybe one of the most standardized and mass produced beers in the world these days. We recognize the greatness of the style, but since we don’t do standard we wanted to make sure to eclipse the ‘standard’ feeling by adding some special malts and honey, one of the most remarkable substances we know of.

Galactic Battle Ale

In far off galaxies, ages removed, galactic battles are waged to protect the true principles of the universe. These brave warriors require a brew light in body and appearance, providing a sweet finish and subtle hoppiness. Doing our best to clone their recipe, this Spacebrew closely relates to a German style Kolsch, and is fermented at cooler temperatures and aged for clarity.

Orion’s Oatmeal Stout

A hearty brew satisfying enough for Orion himself, this stout has many flavors that are as dark and expansive as the depths which the Great Hunter has explored. A diverse series of malts have made this beer dark and rich like the bounties of a good hunt.

Stardust Ale

Like the trail behind a shooting star, the Stardust Ale has many mysterious flavors that create a glowing aftertaste that will leave you searching for another! This Belgian style white ale is light on the palate but blasting with flavor, making it great for sessions of star gazing!


Razztronaut and his brother in space, Chazztronaut are two important Johnny Appleseeds of the universe. Jumping between solar systems and sowing the seeds of their fruit into fertile planets, we have them to thank for the black raspberries and cherries that go into these brews.

Tree Water Ale

While the origin of many SpaceBrews are not of this earth, an important aspect is also making the best use of the space around you. The Tree Water Ale is brewed with the finest of water filtered by maple trees. Noble hops give subtle additions to flavor and aroma to complement the sweetness of the maple sap fresh from the tree.

Milky Way Caramel Porter

The Milky Way Caramel Porter is rich and complex just like the galaxy itself! Brewed with chocolate malt and loads of liquid caramel, this delectable treat will entrance you and keep you peering through your looking drinking glass in need of another glimpse.

Wormhole Weissbier

A classic German style Hefeweizen that conforms to the reinheitsgebot; clearly this beer must utilize wormholes and have powers of manipulation over space and time. How else could it have appeared so consistently in so many places over the ages? We assume this one is a well-designed, proven style from deep within the cosmos.