Statement of Universal Intent

Our mission at Space Craft Brewing is to make the most delicious brews available based on the ideas of being sustainable and helping the local community.

While SpaceBrews are universally loved, being sustainable starts with a single location. Working out of western New York, we are in a climate that is suitable to keep and grow all of the necessary ingredients. Some members even grow their own hops, herbs, and other ingredients used in SpaceBrews.

Being a grassroots organization striving to exceed galactic potential, we recognize the need for a strong base of support. Money we spend on services and products goes to organizations with similar attitudes in the local and regional areas. These people and organizations spend that money in… guess what? Local and regional areas! This creates strong opportunities for re-investment and improvement.

Sustainability and helping the local community go hand in hand – and even more important than spending money is following through with something of substance. So, Space Craft Brewing gives spent grains to local farmers to use as feed for animals, and generously donates its services and product to local causes and events.

As for making the best beer you’ve ever had, that’s something we hold ourselves to. We spent years learning to brew and appreciate beer. We love beer too much to make anything less than spectacular. And, while it is part of our mission, it was actually the main requirement. We needed something so good that it would inspire people to invest in…themselves!

The Origin

In a dimension removed from space and time, a group of conscious beings sensed the need for a shift in the direction of thought and energy of the human race. Help was needed around this age in the animated, physical world of space and time.

To do this and leave a sustainable lasting legacy would not be easy, though. There would need to be a magnificent creation.

Hence, this incarnation of SpaceBrews.

Delicious nectars whose synergy of ingredients and energies of creation result in the most magnificent experience of taste un-imaginable. So good that all can share and bond over them. Yet, at the same time, something everyone can learn about to gain understanding and appreciation.

And so, the members of Space Craft Brewing planned their voyage to this dimension to live their lives as humans, and brought with them knowledge of recipes cherished by great beings around the universe.

As time passed, their interest and understanding of brewing increased. With a passion for the hobby, science, and consumption, they began to notice their attitude reflected in the way others savored SpaceBrews.

It was not long before they re-cognized the timeless idea of SpaceBrews and the reason for them. This recall of purpose from another life forged their culture and behavior.

Starting as a group with the chance to do something enjoyable alongside friends, they also had the duty of creating a sustainable progressive experience while leaving a positive impact. They are not willing to fail, and that is the example they set for others to follow. These attitudes and the perseverance of the members of Space Craft Brewing will be able to stand the test of time.