Status Update Winter 2014

Status Update Winter 2014
The year of 2013 was filled with hard work and growth for Space Craft Brewing Company. This shot features the work we did building out climate controlled fermentation rooms for test batches.

The most common question we get is “Where is your beer available?” This follows with an answer we’ve unfortunately had to give hundreds of times that our beer isn’t available to the public; that we’re currently in the process of licensing; that we are still home brewers and have samples of our beer that we’d love to share with you… yada yada yada.

Then, the second most asked question: “When will I be able to buy your beer?!” To help answer this question, we’re going to start making regular posts like this updating you on the status of Space Craft Brewing Company becoming a licensed brewery, so you have a good idea of when you can acquire some SpaceBrews.

So, to kick things off and not go into too much detail I’ll give a quick overview of things that have happened up until now. It was around 2009 that we, as home brewers, threw our first large event sharing our brews with friends and family. Over the next few years we continued to improve our recipes and techniques, combine our efforts, and throw better parties.

It was in 2013 that we figured that we loved what we were doing so much that we wanted to take it as far as we thought we could go. TO THE STARS!!!! Also, at that point a piece of legislation came up creating New York State Farm Breweries. It provides incentives based on a certain percent of the brewery’s ingredients being produced in New York State. This went right in line with our views of being sustainable and supporting your local community so we decided it was the perfect fit.

We decided our location would be in Manchester, NY at a residential location. Mid way through 2013 we applied for the proper permits from the town and were good to go. We started building out our space from scratch. Space Craft Brewing Company was officially formed in October 2013. Right now we are making announcements in print publications to finish the process.

In December of last year we started our federal application with the TTB. We’re currently in the middle of this, and are taking the time to consider all facets of our brewery site plan to make sure we get it right the first time.

So, to sum up several years of work and play ;) in a few paragraphs, there you have it. These applications tend to take a while to go through based on everything we’ve heard. So we’re hoping that within the year we’ll be able to officially sell you a pint and have one with you. Until then, you can always contact us (you can use this form) and we can get together for one on us!