Space Craft Brewing Company

Space Craft Brewing Company

Greetings, from us here at Space Craft Brewing Company!

You can get a general introduction about us on that page of our website, but we figured we’d write this post to sit you down by the fire and give you a little more intimate idea of who we are and what we are about ;)

We are your friends. Or your friends’ friends. Or your friends’ friends’ friends. And so on until we get to the guaranteed six degrees of separation. What we’re trying to say is that, we’re not so far different from you. We started out as a group of home brewers that loved drinking and creating delicious beers. We pooled our efforts, and the beers got better, the parties got bigger, and we all wanted to continue doing what we were doing. The obvious next step was to make our hobby into a legitimate venture we could involve as many of our friends as possible in.

And that is what we are trying to do! The different skill sets and perspectives our members have tied in with ethical beliefs to create a company culture that we believe will be able to stand the test of time. Indeed an idea conceived from the paradigm of the infinite consistency of the cosmos, instantiated in our context on planet Earth.

So, before we lose you, what does that mean? It means we believe in all of the COMMON SENSE things like using renewable energy where applicable, recycling waste, working with your local community, leaving a small footprint, creating a system with sustainability in mind, etc. Some of us have our own hop gardens, and one of our members grew up on a hop farm that we work with. The more we can do by ourselves, or with the help of / to help our neighbors, the better. Coincidentally, New York state also just enacted legislature creating a license for NYS Farm Breweries that give several benefits to these companies on the terms that they invest in local commodities. It all just fits together so nice!

Thus started the investing, building, formulating of recipes, brainstorming of wacky names and out of this world ideas, and sharing our spoils with our friends at our annual Victor Brewfest gatherings (of which we’ve had 4 now). And now here we are, continuing to improve our plan, and we want you and as many people as possible to be a part of it so we can create and support something we love that helps do the same right back for us.